Opportunistic value-oriented credit investments with rigor and creativity.

Founded in 2007, Serengeti Asset Management is a value driven investment firm that focuses on niche credit opportunities defined by their small size, complexity and labor intensiveness. It invests in performing debt and high-yielding opportunities. Serengeti also provides institutions and private company executives with sophisticated solutions to funding challenges through its dedicated financing platforms. Serengeti manages capital for institutional investors including pensions, endowments, and large family offices.

In its credit strategies, it has a simple approach - invest two thirds of the capital in steady debt, invest one third in higher yielding opportunities and layer in market hedges to limit volatility. This approach has worked well, producing uncorrelated returns over time.

In its private investment strategies, it focuses on opportunities created by dislocations or the need for capital. This includes building unique platforms that provide creative financing solutions for institutions and private company executives.

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