Serengeti Asset Management

Complex Opportunities. Niche Assets.

Serengeti is a value-driven investment firm that focuses on niche credit opportunities defined by their small size and complexity. It invests in performing debt and high-yielding opportunities. Serengeti also provides institutions and private company executives with sophisticated solutions to funding challenges.


Our investment process, focus on niche complex assets, and portfolio construction help us identify opportunities with attractive excess returns. Our fundamental analysis, detailed understanding of capital structures and enthusiasm for complexity drives what we do.


Our credit strategies exploit opportunities that exist because of their size, complexity or labor intensiveness. 
Our private investment strategies focus on developing financing platforms and locating assets to take advantage of smaller-sized opportunities created by dislocations or the need for capital.


Culture of Creativity

The firm’s size and our team’s understanding of complex financial instruments, capital structures and the bankruptcy process allows us to be flexible to develop differentiated and customized solutions through all phases of the market cycle.


Serengeti Asset Management, LP is a value-driven investment firm focused on investing in niche credit opportunities and providing sophisticated funding solutions. We believe that Environmental, Social and Governance factors can affect performance to varying degrees across companies, sectors, regions, investment strategies and asset classes. As such, we seek to consider material ESG risks, issues and opportunities, together with financial criteria, in applicable investment processes in line with our fiduciary duty to maximize returns.

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