Target niche opportunities that are difficult to source, underwrite, structure or model. Focus on developing financing platforms and locating assets to take advantage of smaller-sized opportunities created by dislocations or the need for capital.

Fertile Opportunity Set

Financing Platforms And Other Complex Special Situations

Access niche opportunities through financing platforms to uncover, analyze and scale into complex situations where we can earn outsized returns due to size, complexity and labor-intensiveness.

Dislocations and Distressed Debt

Look for opportunities in areas that have been shocked, are undergoing crises or are capital starved.

Structured Transactions

Structure investments with attractive returns and limited downside due to negotiated protections and enhancements.

High Yielding Steady Debt

Opportunistically deploy capital in high yielding steady debt when we can find at attractive multi-year returns.


Find idiosyncratic investments that are off-the-run, not in indices and going through a fundamental transformation.